“A very well-crafted 3D ball-rolling platformer” -Toronto Thumbs

“I give this 5 out of 5“ -Geekygirlreviewsblog.com

“Editor’s choice” -Children’s Technology Review

“Wronghut certainly did something right this time” -Fanboygaming.com


[19.2.2016] Mazement released on Steam

Mazement is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux with a 25% release discount!

Get it Here:

[6.10.2015] Mazement on Steam Greenlight

Hello everyone! Just (a couple of months) after saying there is no longer any active development on Mazement, there is some again! We have partnered with publisher Black Shell Media to bring Mazement to Steam via Greenlight.

he Steam release will feature improved graphics such as dynamic shadows and ambient occlusion, support for mouse/keyboard or Xbox 360 gamepad controls and a vastly improved user interface. The game will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux. Depending on the success of the Steam version we may even release additional levels and gameplay features.

Head over to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=530462676 to check out the screenshots with enhanced graphics, and of course remember to vote Yes!

[20.7.2015] Wronghut inactive. Mazement available for Windows Phone since early 2014.

Before this, there have been no updates for over two years now. This is because while Wronghut Oy in principle still exists, and Mazement is available in App Stores, all the people involved have long since moved on to other things. As I (Marko) am on my summer vacation now, I decided to give these a small update so they don't look so suddenly abandoned.

So, while nobody is actually working at Wronghut nowadays, we plan to keep Mazement up on App Stores as long as practical. There might still be people who would enjoy playing it.

Though this site has not been updated, Mazement has in fact since 19.3.2014 been available for Windows Phone 8 too! You can buy it at the Windows Phone Store.

[3.6.2013] Mazement Android and free versions out now!

Mazement Android versions are now available on Google play. Also free versions are available for Android and iOS Get yours now!

[3.5.2013] Mazement free Weekend!

Mazement is now free for this weekend, 3rd to 5th of May! Download yours from the link above!

[4.4.2013] Mazement for iOS is released worldwide! Get yours now!

Mazement is now released in the Apple appstore worldwide!

Download on the AppStore

[14.3.2013] Worldwide release date set and story trailer out!

We have an App Store release date! It's 4th of April 2013. Check out our new story trailer too! Click here for the press release!

[1.3.2013] TouchArcade thread created

We have created an announcement thread for Mazement on the TouchArcade forums. You may chat about the game there.

[1.3.2013] Gameplay trailer released!

We have just released a gameplay trailer. Watch it to see the game in action and learn about all the cool features.

[25.2.2013] Mazement submitted to Appstore

The binary of Mazement has been submitted to Apple for review. The Wronghut team is very excited about this.

[19.2.2013] Mazement renewed its website

We have renewed our website with new screenshots, an accurate game description and what we think is an awesome new layout! We hope you enjoy. Make sure you are already a fan in Facebook and follow our twitter feed. We are currently in the process of submitting the game to Appstore.

[17.2.2013] Beta has ended

As we think the game is now almost ready for submitting to App Store we are no longer taking applications for the F&F beta. However you can still apply as a tester at testing@wronghut.com so you may be selected as a tester for possible patches and add-ons to Mazement and also for new games Wronghut is going to create. For those of you that participated in the F&F beta of Mazement the newest beta version will remain playable until the end of June. Also you don't need to re-apply, you will be automatically selected as testers for Mazement patches and add-ons. We would like to thank all our testers. Your feedback has been invaluable!

[22.10.2012] Mazement moving to F&F beta

We have started friends & family beta testing of Mazement. So the game is starting to look almost complete. If you are interested in testing our upcoming game in a closed beta test with your iPhone, iPad, iPod or high-end Android device, send an email to testing@wronghut.com. We will contact you later if you have been accepted as a tester.

[1.9.2012] Mazement - Public android test has concluded

The public android test version of Mazement has expired and is no longer playable. We would like to thank everyone who participated in testing the game and will contact those of you who gave feedback and will receive the full version for free once the game is released on Android.


[19.2.2016] Mazement released on Steam

Mazement is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux with a 25% release discount!

Get it Here:



"The best 3D ball rolling game with a story!"

Mazement is a ball rolling game that combines an epic fantasy story with the traditional wooden labyrinth and platformer games.

Mazement has a great 3D graphical look, interesting physics and a destructible environment. You control the tilt of the playing field to guide the ball safely through increasingly difficult 3D levels, filled with challenging mazes, traps and enemies. Blast your way through walls! Hop over everything using Big Jump! Watch out for the evil Jailer and the mysterious Witch! Find your way out of the tower and set your ball friends free!

The game features:

  • 30 Levels filled with puzzles, dangers and excitement
  • Great 3D graphics and physics and destructible 3D world
  • Epic storyline with beautiful illustrations
  • Control the game accurately with the accelerometer or with virtual joystick
  • Collectable coins and power-ups
  • Use fun power-ups, including BIG JUMP, blast through walls as a FIREBALL, fly with ZERO GRAVITY and much more...
  • Buy more power-ups from the power-up shop using coins collected in the game
  • End bosses!
  • Mysterious witch and eggmode!